What are the best 10 soccer games for PC and Android?

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What are the best 10 soccer games for PC and Android?

Strikers, Midfielders and Goalkeepers: An Immersive Footballing Experience at Your Fingertips

As a lifelong player on both ends of the controller, I'm often asked for recommendations on the best soccer games for PC and Android. Drumroll please...because, I'm going to lay them down right here! Keep in mind, these aren't your dad's old dusty cartridges from the 90s, these are high-definition, immersive experiences that truly capture the thrill of stepping onto the pitch.

FIFA Series: The World's Game at Its Finest

FIFA. It's a household name in the soccer world, both for hardcore gamers and even the occasional players who only dabble in virtual sports. It’s my top recommendation. Not just for old time’s sake (my first ever goal in FIFA ’07 was a majestic bicycle kick from Ronaldinho!) But because EA Sports consistently improve gameplay, graphics and authenticity year after year. You know, the last time I checked, FIFA 21 has over 17,000 players, 700 clubs, and 90 stadiums & arenas. Epic, right? FIFA's realism, dynamic weather effects, and emphasis on strategic play make it a thrilling choice for any soccer enthusiast.

PES Series: The Underdog Punching Above Its Weight

Next up we have PES. Now, there's always been a bit of a friendly rivalry between FIFA and PES fans, much like Messi and Ronaldo. The PES series offers a different take on the sport. It prides itself on being much more tactical, requiring precise passing and decision making to yield results on the pitch. Last year, I spent countless hours fine-tuning my passing skills in PES so that Scott, my golden retriever, had to nudge me for attention. If you're after a game that offers a steep, gratifying learning curve, PES is definitely for you.

Football Manager Series: The Tactician's Dream

For those who revel in outwitting their opponents, the 'Football Manager' series is a dream come true. It allows you to step into the shoes of a team manager, controlling all aspects of the team, from transfers to tactics, team talks, and even post-match interviews! I have memories of building my own successful dynasty by starting with a small club and guiding them to the Champions League glory. And of course, the heartbreak - losing my star striker to an injury before the crucial final match! This game is a true testament to the importance of strategy in soccer.

Football, Tactics & Glory: Strategy Mixed With RPG Delight

'Football, Tactics & Glory' is a bit of a departure from the norm. It combines elements of tactical RPGs with traditional soccer gameplay which makes it ideal for those who like to think a bit differently about football. In this game, each player on your team levels up, acquires new skills, and can even suffer career ending injuries. One memorable moment was when my veteran goalkeeper saved a decisive penalty kick during a top-tier tournament final, only to retire right after raising the cup! Truly the stuff of legends.

Dream League Soccer: Ideal for On-the-Go Football Action

And what about the times when I want to kick the ball around, but I'm not at home with Scott? 'Dream League Soccer' is an Android-based game that packs a punch with its in-depth gameplay and lifelike graphics. It allows you to build your dream team from scratch, win trophies, and even develop your own stadium. And the best part, my longest win streak in the game was recorded while waiting at the vet's office!

Soccer Stars: An Arcade Delight

For a more laid-back, quick-hit style of play, 'Soccer Stars' is an excellent choice that's available on both PC and Android. It's a casual game with simple-but-addictive mechanics, making it the perfect pick for a swift match during a work break or while whipping up a cheeky afternoon snack.

My Pick of the Bunch: Personal Favourites

So which one is my absolute favorite? It's a tough call, but if I was marooned on a deserted island with only one soccer game, it'd probably be FIFA. I've been playing it since my button-smashing younger days and it always resonates deeply within me. But remember, the most crucial thing is to pick a game that resonates with your personal style of play and enjoy the beautiful game in your own unique way. So, lace up your virtual boots, step onto the pitch, and let the games begin!

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